“Freddy Macha came to our school to lead a day of workshops on African drumming during our “Africa Week” in April 2002. He was very well received by the children. They were very enthusiastic about their workshops with him. We hope he will be able to return to our school in the future.”
David Rosenberg, Teacher, Hanover Primary School, Islington, London 2002.

Freddy Carnival 2012 - pic by Zarina Macha

“An accomplished musician and writer who is able to blend together various art forms and present his work in an engaging format suitable for various audiences. Like the students I found him to be approachable and interesting both on a personal and educational level. He has a wealth of experience and personal achievement that the pupils could relate to and take an active interest in. What is special about his work is that it encompasses a variety of learning styles that all students can relate to. Hurlingham & Chelsea is a difficult Inner-London school that caters for a very multi-cultural market and Freddy was able to use this information to his advantage in his performances and workshops.”
Doug Quinn, Community Arts Officer, Hammersmith & Fulham, November 2003.

“I worked briefly with Freddy and Kitoto in 2004 as a dancer. I have danced for a lot of bands and musicians but this was a very happy feeling. Total abandonment and enjoyment on stage. Very unselfish musicians.”
Graziela Medeiros, part-time dancer from Brazil, 2004.

“…Be it as a 3 piece in a sweatbox loft in Hackney, a full band playing to huge crowds on a central London beach, or with the full entourage of dancers at my wedding, every time I see Kitoto play they put smiles on people’s faces and movement into their behinds. Each occasion has impressed me… by the way they dealt with fitting into a line-up of mainly electronic music; the second with their handling of the 1,000 strong crowds; and finally at my wedding they got every person there up and dancing. When both the mothers and grandma’s loved them, as well as all our friends, they must be doing something right.”
Chog Burley, Cornwall, 2005.

Freddy with Kaz Kasozi and Louisa Le Marchand of Global Fusion Music and Arts-2005

“Green Alliance has used Kitoto several times, and has always been able to rely on them brightening up the event. They are professional and friendly to deal with. I thought the rhythm and vibe that Kitoto brought to our event in spring 2006 was really vibrant, and they certainly made the event buzz.”
Kathryn Cook, Green Alliance, London, 2006.


“…Freddy Macha is a rarity: A man who loves his job. From the haunting melodies and cascading guitars of 1960’s rumba, through Afro-pop and Samba Reggae, and on to the pulsating drum-driven beats of his modern Afro-Latin fusion. This guy can and will fill any dance-floor. Working with some of the best musicians in the UK he’ll turn a private party into an event your friends will remember. He’s done so for me three times now and I will not hesitate to ask him again.”
Jonny Donovan, Freelance Producer, August 2007.

…Well, Freddy, you certainly got the Hospital a-grooving and a-humming! The beat was pure and the vibe was live. Thank you for the music and the fun – everybody said how much they enjoyed the Kitoto party! A rich mixture of feel-good reggae and groovy rhythms. Nice one.”
Rob Binney of BBC, October 2007.

Playing Berimbau- Constipation CD 2000-pic by Louisa Le Marchand

“Freddy Macha has been coming to Cherry Orchard Primary School for over five years, in several short and longer term residencies, involving assemblies, workshops and performances. His multiple talent, global experience and art forms included: cross cultural dance (Rock and Roll, Reggae, African and Latin American styles), story- telling, theatre, music (Caribbean, African Jazz and Blues), Samba and Capoeira, the Brazilian martial arts and dance. Children, staff and the wider school community have greatly enjoyed the projects he has been involved within the school. He is a lively and fun performer and good communicator. He adeptly combines his many skills and talents to entertain and educate at the same time. He comes highly recommended.”                                                                       Gill Swann, Deputy Head-teacher, Cherry Orchard School, Greenwich, London, March 2010.

Freddy in concert Queens Crecent Library-Kentish Town-Oct 2010

“Freddy Macha is able to skilfully weave storytelling and music from around the world to capture the childrens’ imaginations. Freddy has been to Millfields twice now to host special assemblies for our Identity and Roots Week Celebrations and the children still remember the Assemblies with fondness.”
Katherine Gill, Teacher, Millfields Primary School, Clapton, Hackney London, November 2010.


-“One of the world’s good guys…widely travelled, published author, performance poet, and he sets up workshops at the drop of a hat….one man, good vibes machine. Music loosely African, Reggae…but wouldn’t want to pin it down! Very well performed without being too flashy…lyrics spot-on, funny, passionate, bizarre…”                                                            –Mathew Priest, drummer with rock band Dodgy-reviewing for N16 Magazine, Stoke Newington, London, Dec 2000


“A dynamic performer o­n stage and a great lyricist, to those who understand the medium of words par excellence…”                                                                                                                    Africa Centre, London , December 1992

-“Freddy Macha’s eclecticism is found not o­nly o­n paper but in other areas such as languages, musical instruments and dance…”                                                                                Jornal do Brasil, Rio De Janeiro. April, 1990

Freddy at London Carnival 2013...

“Freddy sings of the victimised and for freedom…He is both at home in the World but rooted in his own country…Love and Struggle are his recurring Leitmotif.”                                             Klaus Gorzel, Westfalische Rundschau, Kreuztal, Germany, December 1986

“Having read a good number of Macha’s works, may I venture to suggest that his subject matter comprises an Organic whole; the various factors he treats are facets of this whole…”   Robert Rugimbana, Sunday News. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, December 1982