Services & Workshops


General Description
Freddy is highly skilled and experienced running workshops in traditional drumming, dance, movement, music and writing poetry for performance.Since 1984 he has worked with adults, families and children of all ages across the world in schools, cultural centres, streets, prisons, festivals, private homes, hospital and disability institutions, etc.

Freddy Macha Ngoma workshop GFMA May 2014- pic by Claire Cole

Creative Writing & Performance Poetry Workshops
Focuses on the craft of writing prose, journalism, blogging and poetry; as well as using varied art forms e.g. theatre, dance and music to present or perform the spoken word.

Freddy  plays  Ngoma during Carnival 2012- pic by Frank Eyembe

Music Tuition Workshops
Practical and theoretical aspects of music focusing on percussion, (drumming), guitar, vocals (singing and public speaking), plus the art and craft of song writing, composition, arranging and making music. The sessions may be individual or in-groups, but mostly for schools, colleges and prisons.

Directing theatre and music workshop-Cherry Orchard school-2009

Drumming & Percussion
Introductory /general sessions incorporating dance and rhythm models from Tanzania, other parts of Africa and Latin America. Classes can be for beginners, intermediates or advanced. Instruments covered include Djembe, Congas, Small Percussions and Pandeiro (the Brazilian Samba and Capoeira percussion which is usually called Tambourine to the rest of the globe). Classes cover the theory and aspects of time, accompaniment, traditional rhythms, styles and hand techniques.


Story Telling and Chants
Freddy has stories and chants suitable for Under Fives, Primary and Secondary Schools. Performances done using various music instruments (Berimbau, Drums, Guitar and Piano) and genres (Afro beat, Reggae, Samba and Latin, Jazz). Some of the themes covered include community spirit, friendship and togetherness, racial and international relations, anti-bullying, comedy and satire, myths and legends, geography, etc. Freddy writes his own material as well as adopting stories from various cultures.


Swahili Language Tuition
For beginners, intermediate and advanced. In 2002 the United Nations declared Kiswahili the seventh fastest growing language in the world. It is the lingual Franca of eleven countries across East and Central Africa, as well as the Middle East, USA and parts of Europe and Asia.

Swahili may be divided into roughly 6 main dialects:
Standard Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya , South Somalia, schools, colleges, BBC , Voice of America, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle Cologne, Kingwana -spoken in Democratic of Congo ( Eastern region), Lake Region Swahili (Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda), Kimvita (East Kenya), Kingazija  in Comoro Islands on Indian Ocean, Kimrima from Dar es Salaam, Shenge (in Nairobi) and Swanglish (urban Tanzania) mixing Swahili and English.

Music for children at Pinkwell Primary -Summer 2009

Performance/Assembly/ Workshop sessions
Interactive entertainment with Music, Songs, Chants and Spoken Word. Played on a variety of instruments- guitar, piano, drumming in mixed genres- World, African, Mixed, Hip Hop, Jazz-Latin, Samba, etc

Charlton perfomance wth Global Fusion-Summer 2009