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  1. Sungusia

    Hi Freddy,

    You were in Rio de Janeiro in 1991? Man, impressive. A picture of you with Mwl. Nyerere appeared on the Daily News today.



    1. FM4102 Post author

      Yeah, Sungusia.
      Picture this. 1991 was a year after the fall of the Russian block. Berlin Wall. Things were changing. Nelson Mandela out of prison. Back then Mwalimu Nyerere was the African icon. A surviving giant.
      Mwalimu, which means teacher in Swahili, was in Brazil heading the South Countries zone, a retired President, respected old man. Brazilians invited him to speak at a venue in the Estacio area of Rio De Janeiro, close to where the famous carnival is held. It was low key but publicised, quietly, in “Jornal Do Brasil”, the respected daily. A rare thing having African leaders. I went there. Heard him speak. Charming. Charismatic. There were many questions asked and the the major one was multi parties democracy in Africa. “Democracy is not like a bottle of Cocacola that can be traded or copied. Democracy in Africa has to develop inside…” those are some of the words he said. Prophetically warning of future killings, corruption and extremism.
      Meaning, you cannot replicate politics. Nowadays we take multi party politics for granted. Back then, during that June 1991 afternoon in Rio De Janeiro, Nyerere of Tanzania, was one of the last generation of true , genuine African leaders who grappled with changes and cared for the continent. He died in London in October 1999. How things have changed in Africa. Who are the true leaders today?


        Your picture with the late Mwalimu Nyerere inspires me much.

        You’ve shown how proud Freddy was to have hosted his ex-president and the beloved father of his nation abroad,
        in the land of America.

        It seems like he felt warmed again after he noticed you were a Tanzania icon doing well there.

        Upon seeing you there he was no longer a guest as he might have thought earlier when he was leaving his homeland for America to deliver that classic speech at the venue, I guess.

        He trully expressed his desire for Africans to prepare themselves for the democracy introductory in his speech you quoted

        GOOD MEMORY.

  2. mandela pallangyo

    shkamoo fredy macha. tunazidi kukufuatilia zaidi kwa kazi zako nzuri.
    nimeona kitabu cha WAPE MANENO YAO
    mandela pallangyo

  3. martin kokkan

    Habari za kazi,nimekua nakufwatilia toka enzi za Sayari Troupe pia hupendelea kusoma makala zako kwenye magazeti ya nyumbani,wasiwasi wangu,siwaoni kina Freddy wapya wakijitokeza! unampango wowote wa kufanikisha hilo?vipi kuhusu wanao?hawafwati nyayo za baba yao?ningefurahi sana kuwaona kina Freddy kama mia moja hapo London,hujachelewa, je kuanzisha shule ya muziki nyumbani! kazi njema bro!

  4. Michael Kupper

    Hi Freddy,

    how are you? Habari gani? Wie geht’s Dir? Came across your page accidentally, and when I saw your picture, I felt like slipping back through time and landing in Köln in the Eighties again. Your face changed a bit, brother, but your eyes stayed the same :-)) I hope you’re doing well and life has made your wishes come true. If you’d like to, contact me at my email and let’s talk a bit. Until then keep going forward! All the best for you and your family,

    Michael Kupper

  5. Daudi

    Bro Freddy i have been readiing your inspiring articles since i was a secondary school student till now at a bit old age.You are true icon and ambassador of African and Tanzanian culture abroad.


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